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I became serious about photography in 1985, my camera of choice was a 4x5 view camera. The black and white prints emerging from the darkroom consisted mostly of landscapes and, to a lesser degree, abstracts. However, having transitioned to digital format, I now photograph in the city, following the light, marrying myself into the flow of life, making candid images of people in public and private places. My goal is for the image to convey an emotion, tell a visual story that communicates the human condition and to speak to my personal vision. My secondary interest is photographing the urban landscape, recording the scenes within the city and the dynamics of those spaces. In both instances the photograph’s notable quality of being authentic allows it to be symbolic for the mysteries of life and the world.

The monochrome print is still my preference. For myself, black and white simplifies the visual contents of the subject by removing color and succeeds where color or uninteresting color fails. Having said that, if color is the subject, I will photograph in color.