Windows to the Soul

woman montmartre_B&W.jpg

One can tell a great deal about people by peering into their eyes. Poets call ones eyes "the windows to the soul." Some psychologists consider it one of the most telling diagnostic markers for revealing someone's state of mind, the seat of their emotions and their character. They theorize that the eyes are often more accurate than the academic standardized and accepted criterion for evaluating the psychological conditions of patients.

What do you see in the woman's eyes?

Breaking the Paradigm

woman reading book.jpg

In today's electronic world the smartphone is ubiquitous. You can't go anywhere and not see people on their phone performing some function they feel is of the utmost importance. As sure as God made little green apples they can, in the most unique ways, justify being on the phone. People even use them while in the restroom! Can one really be that tied to it?

Well, meet a woman who is breaking the paradigm. She's actually reading a book while traveling the streets. How novel in this day and age. I wonder what she is reading? Do you think it's possibly 10 Ways to Determine If You Are Seriously Addicted to Your Phone? I admire her for her fidelity to herself. Personally, I think she is reading one of the classics possibly Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Smart woman!